Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wizarding Wars

The wizarding war of Harry Potter goes beyond the battle between Harry and Voldemort. Some people believe that engaging in anything Harry Potter related is a sin because of the witchcraft element of the novels. What people fail to realize is that if they read the books, they would draw the conclusion that, yes magic is a big part of the novel but there are more adversary themes that one can depict from reading the stories. For example, overcoming adversity, standing up for what is right regardless of fear, and friendship are all themes that derive from the series.
If people celebrated the good that derives from the books instead of focusing on what they fear, they would realize that Harry Potter is more that just an adventure story about a child that can wield magic. Harry Potter is one of the first book series that has gotten so many children to celebrate reading. Children were genuinely excited for the release of the books to come out and would go out of their way to wait in line to get their hands on a copy.
No matter what, people will always find offense in literature. It is sad that people overlook good books such as the Harry Potter series, but I do relish in the idea that people should celebrate children reading and encourage it through good literature.

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