Monday, April 28, 2014

Voyant Tools

Voyeur tools is a program for analyzing text. I analyzed the story A Cask of Amontillado and focused on the frequently used words in the corpus. My first step after running the text was to edit the stop words. Stop words are words such as 'the, and, of,' essentially modifiers that are used frequently that do not change the meaning of the text. After editing the stop words I analyzed the frequently used words in the corpus.One word that stuck out to me was the word "friend." That word stuck out for me because Montresors did not like Fortunato  but used the word friend to lure him into the cask. 

On Voyeur, you can look at the word cloud to have a visual of the most frequently used words. You can also access a list of those popular words and by clicking on them individually you can see words in their direct context.
Voyeur tools is a useful tool to use when analyzing text. You can use it to strengthen your thesis because you are analyzing words used in the text and how they are important. 

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