Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Convergence of Tehnology

Convergence of technology is using different mediums of technology for the same purpose. For example the cell phone is not only just a way of communicating with people by talking or texting but is now a device that you can play games on, check the weather, or utilize for social media. The cell phone then works almost like a computer.
                Other forms of technology work in similar ways. No longer do people need a computer when they can use a tablet or a cellphone for almost the exact same functions. Apps are now available on multiple devices which gives anyone the opportunity to participate with any device. Viewer participation has become a social norm in our media. For example, years ago when people watched a show they would participate with one another by having a conversation about it and presently when audiences view shows, they are able to communicate about the shows through social media.
                Bert is evil is an idea that was formulated by teenager, Dino Ignacio. Dino took a photo of Bert from the show Sesame Street and cropped his photo with Osama Bin Laden using Photoshop. There was a website dedicated to pictures of Bert with other historically powerful people like Adolf Hitler and had Bert placed with historically horrific groups such as the KKK. Once you enter the website there is a page dedicated to Bert’s mug shot and links to click on that will prove why Bert is evil. There is a gallery of photos of Bert in historically negative situations. The most popular image is the image of Bert and Osama Bin Ladin.
                The picture of Bert and Osama Bin Laden was printed on signs, posters, and even on t-shirts. In a news covering by CNN reporters, the signs with Bert and Osama Bin Laden on them were exposed to the entire world. That exposure then led to popularity for the Bert is evil website.
                The website, Bert is Evil was created by a teenager for fun. He used Photoshop to create seemingly innocent images for his own personal joke. Those photos were leaked and used during a protest. Dino’s website then became popular because of the news coverage. People participate by adding pictures to the website and can share those photos on different Medias such as Facbook or Pinterest.
                The Television show, American Idol, is a perfect example of technological participation. If you go to the American Idol Website you can follow them on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest. The website even has an option that allows them to remind you to watch the show if you sign up with them.
                The show allows the audience to participate by providing them with multiple mediums. Years back, if viewers wanted to participate with the show they had to call in and vote and that was the extent of their participation. Now they can tweet about the show, follow the contestants on their Instagram accounts, text in votes, or pin pictures of the show on Pinterest. This means that no matter where viewers are they can use their cellphone, tablet, or computer to participate with the show. With this audience participation, the viewer’s feel like they contribute to the show and have say in what happens. This leads to both positive and negative feedback based off the contestants position in the show. But no matter if the publicity is good or bad it is still there which promotes the show further.
                Audience participation for reality shows has become popular but now is becoming a norm for sitcoms. Sitcoms use to be viewed for pleasure but now viewers are given the opportunity to participate during the show. For example, the show Modern Family that is aired on the television network USA, poses questions at the bottom of the screen that viewers can answer by tweeting the show. Then the answers are posted at the bottom of the screen for viewers to see.
                Similarly, the television network TLC often has special episodes of shows that allows for viewers to Tweet to the show. Viewers feel like they get a chance to participate then with the show and maybe get to see their tweet’s on the television. This can be a bad thing if Tweets do not have a gatekeeper, or someone who mages the tweets and only displays the appropriate tweets. If tweets are not gatekept the inappropriate ones could get leaked and then displayed on the show.

Technology has changed the way that we view shows. Participation has become a common asset to shows and how it becomes promoted. Viewers can interact with TV show characters by following their Facebook pages, Twitter pages, Instagram’s, and Pinterest boards. Multiple devices, such as the tablet or cellphone, can be used to participate with shows. Television has changed beyond addressing shows through personal conversation to utilizing social media to converse.This convergence of technology helps to promote viewer participation. 

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