Monday, March 31, 2014

Adam Hammer

Adam Hammer works for the St Cloud Times at Saint Cloud University as the director of media relations. He takes part in creating their literary magazine. During his presentation he addressed the process of writing articles. He talked about how he receives emails about certain stories and has an editorial process where he can decide what stories to take on. What I found interesting is that he receives a lot of story ideas but he can go out searching for stories opposite of how working for a newspaper worked. He went into detail about how he organizes the stories in an inverted pyramid so that the most interesting stories are at the top of the page. I loved that he went into detail about the writing process because it gave me an idea of how to structure a literary magazine.
I found his presentation very informative because his line of work as a media relations director is along the lines of what I could do with my New Media Major.

Adam Hammer

You can find out more about Adam on his website.

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